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E-book Ultimate Guide to 369 Manifesting


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Nicola Tesla believed the numbers 3, 6, 9 represent a “vector” from the third dimension where we live, into fourth dimension and higher dimensions of the energetic realms.

The 3,6,9 vector is called a “flux field” of energy. A flux field is a flow of energy along pre-determined energy lines.

The 369 manifestation method is attributed to Nicola Tesla.

The 369 vector can be use for manifesting.

This E-Book is your ultimate guide to 369 Manifesting.

This E-book includes extensive research and teaches the concepts for 369 manifesting at a much deeper level than any other publication.

It includes additional explanations, insights and techniques not taught by other manifesting books for increasing the power and success rate of your 369 manifestations.

It also includes links to other resources including blog posts and podcasts that go in further depth on the topics included in the E-Book.

This comprehensive e-book includes 6 lessons over 88 pages.

This e-book is available for immediate download after purchase.



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