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Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD

Personal Life Coach

Helping you realize and develop your full potential as a person

Hi, I’m  Dr. Stephen Lesavich. Let’s work together so you can create the personal life you truly desire!

My Coaching Style

After we speak, I will choose the language that is appropriate for your coaching session based on your beliefs, values and boundaries.  My coaching technique is “in the moment” coaching.  I am not a therapist that asks “Why?”  Instead I help you answer the question, “What can I do about this?” for a given situation of interest.  My goal is to teach you strategies and techniques and give you tools to become personally empowered so you can rely on yourself and your own decisions and no longer need a personal life coach.

Personal Life Coaching

Do You Desire Initiate Change Into Your Life?

During our one-on-one coaching sessions your will learn new practices to initiate change in your life and create the life you truly desire.

Do You Desire To Effectively Handle Unwanted Change Events That Occur in Your Life?

You will learn techniques and tools to understand and effectively handle fear from unwanted change events such as a breakup, death, divorce, injury, illness, loss of job, change in a living situation, etc. that may occur in your life.

Do you Desire To Grow as a Person?

Successful personal growth starts with the motivation and desire to improve, and the willingness to strive to make changes in your behavior.  Our coaching sessions will help you stay motivated and hold you accountable so you achieve your desired level of personal growth.

Do You Desire to Identify and Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations in Your Life?

You will learn how to eliminate your limiting beliefs and blocks and learn new habits to change your life and overcome adversity.

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Law of Attraction Life Coaching



What is Law of Attraction Coaching?

If you point of view is from a “mind-body-spirit” perspective, I can provide personal coaching based on “Law of Attraction” techniques.  Simply stated, the Law of Attraction is “Like-Attracts-Like.”  Everything is energy.   If you change your energy you will attract something different.


Manifesting in the Moment

You will learn a framework, tools and techniques to manifest the things in your life your truly desire with the Law of Attraction.  Your life depends on what you attract into it. Manifesting can create magic in your life.


Do you Desire To Manifest Money and Wealth?

I will help you learn to identify and understand your relationships with money and the ideas associated with wealth and with lack.  I will help you learn how to create new positive new habits with money and wealth attraction tools and techniques.


Do You Desire to Manifest Love and a Relationship?

You will learn techniques and exercises that can increase your confidence, charisma and overall subconscious willingness to receive love. In this way, it is entirely possible to attract a new loving relationship.

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Free E-Book:  The 369 Manifesting Method


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