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I am Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD

Solution-Focused Self-Empowerment Life and Business Coach

Providing you with the tools for you to create the life you truly desire.

Personal Life Coaching

I can help you identify and overcome the self-imposed limitations and blocks in your life. You will learn techniques and tools to understand and effectively handle  any challenging events that occur in your life.

Business Coaching

I can assist you with understanding your marketplace and creating a unique niche for your business.  I have been an entrepreneur myself since 2002, and continue to work with entrepreneurs all over the world.

Life Tools

I can assist you to learn new frameworks, practices and procedures to create positive new habits you can use in your life on a daily basis.

Life Management

I can assist you to I effectively handle unwanted change in your life and initiate new positive changes you desire, including, money, love, relationships, career and business.

Career Guidance

I can  assist you with setting reasonable career goals and help you achieve those  goals by suggesting opportunities for you to grow and provide support to keep you on track. 

Business Advice

I can  assist you with evaluating and updating your business practices moving your business to a new level of success. 

What Is Life and Business Coaching?

A personal life coach is someone who interacts and encourages clients through personal or career challenges and assists in initiating positive change in the lives of coaching clients.

A business coach is someone who interacts with the executives in a business to create business strategies, improve leadership skills and provide guidance and perspective.


Who Is Coaching For?

Anyone who is not confident, has trouble making decisions, tends to procrastinate, feels like a victim, whose personal and professional life needs a change or has a business that has becom stagnate.

As a personal life coach, I coach both women and men on a regular basis.  As a business coach I coach executives at start-up, small and large business organizations.

As a coach I assist you, guide you and hold you accountable to create you life you truly desire.

What Should I Think About In My Own Life Before Starting Life or Business Coaching?


1. Evaluate Where You are the Present Moment.

Adjust your point of view to that of neutral observer and use discernment instead of judgement to evaluate exactly where you are at the present moment.  Exactly where are you right now in your life and where do you want to be?

2. Gain Clarity Through Contrasts.

Contrast is a necessary component of personal growth and shifting emotions.  You actually live your life based on the contrasts you experience in it. You can’t know what you do want unless you know what you don’t want.  What do you want moving forward in your life?

3. Understand Your Emotions and Emotional Triggers.

When you are faced with a person, situation or event in your life, you create one or more emotions, based on your current attitudes, beliefs and physical perceptions.

Many of your strongest reactions to people in your own environment are a direct result of your own emotional triggers.

Changing your life requires changes in your emotions and emotional triggers.

4. Understand How Change Occurs.

You can effectively handle unwanted change or initiate new positive changes into your life without understanding how change occurs.  Change occurs in the chaos of the edges of life.

5. Decide to Make a Serious Commitment to Personal Growth.

The only way to change your life is decide to do it, commit to do it and to take personal responsibility to do it.  You and only you can make such a decision.  Do it right now.

About Me

Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD, is a personal growth facilitator and a solution-focused self-empowerment coach who coaches clients with the  “3 > 2 ®” coaching method he personally developed. He has built a reputation for getting his coaching clients to manifest new changes they desire into their lives and effectively handle unwanted changes they may encounter in their lives. In addition to one-on-one and group coaching sessions, he teaches engaging workshops and on-line classes providing a framework and techniques for embracing transitions, transformations and personal growth.

My Coaching Method

My coaching method is a solution-focused life coaching modality that is based in part on understanding and changing your life arcs, which are your own internal and external personal boundaries, values and beliefs. I can help you initiate positive new change into your life personally and professionally and effectively handle unwanted change events that occur in your life so you achieve your desired level of personal growth.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.  Cross That Bridge to a New Life Today!