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Free Mini-Course Disclaimer


CoachSL, LLC (and Stephen Lesavich as a member of CoachSL, LLC).

The information in this free mini-course is intended only to deepen your (“the User”) knowledge the energy behind any changes occurring in User’s life and help empower User to make good decisions

If User feel that User is in need of resolving any deep-seated issues associated with any changes occurring in User’s life, it may be appropriate for User to seek the counsel of a physician, licensed therapist, licensed counselor, social worker, or other mental health professional.

None of the information provided in this free mini-course is intended to provide any medical, psychiatric, psychological, social work, counseling or any other type of professional advice. None of the information is intended to replace or substitute for any relationship that exists, or any information, opinions, recommendations, advice, or counseling provided by any medical, psychiatric, psychological, counseling, or social work provider and a patient or a client.

This free mini-course makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, about the suitability for any purpose of the information herein or any results to be achieved using the information in herein.

User agrees, acknowledges, understands and accepts that User is fully responsible for the decisions and actions User takes in regards to any change occurring in User’s own life.

Any reliance User’s place on such information from any information in this free mini-course is therefore strictly at User’s own risk.

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