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Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD

Stephen Lesavich, PhD, JD is a solution-focused life and business coach. Stephen received a Ph.D. in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and a J.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School.
Dr. Lesavich uses the 3 > 2™ coaching modality, a coaching modality he personally developed and is a mix of serveral different types of coaching modalities he has obtained certifications in.
Dr. Lesavich completed a year long certifiation course to become a Professional Clearer® and trained directly with Althea Gray.
The Professional Clearer® course teaches how to analyze and clear the energy associated with people, places, events and situations in 26 diffeent categories including past lives, personal curses, family curses, past and present vows, timelines, etc.
Dr. Lesavich completed the first level of “Soul Detective” training, including energetic healing of past life traumas.  The Soul Dective protocol is used to determine whether the soul of the client actually had a past life in objective reality, or whether the past life is fictional and the client simply has an emotional resonance to the problem.  The past life recollection is treated “as if it were true” to give the client the opportunity for healing the emotions involved.
Dr. Lesavich completed a certification course for a “Ho’oponopono Practitioner.”
Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian energetic practice of reconciliation, forgiveness and cleansing of energetic errors of thought due to data playing the sub-conscious, which is believed to be the origin of problems and sickness in the physical world, according to Hawaiian Ho’oponopono practitioners.
Dr. Lesavich completed a one-year certification program as a “Law of Attraction Coach” with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and Christy Whitman.
A “Law of Attraction Coach” is not a therapist that asks “why,” but rather a trained personal empowerment “coach” who helps their client answer the question, “what can I do about this?” A Law of Attraction Coach helps you create a plan, understand and implement Universal laws while providing motivation and accountability to help you change your life.
Dr. Lesavich also completed a year long certification course to become a certified Master Intuitive Coach® and trained directly with Colette Baron-Reid and her students and met all of the requirements of her coaching program to become a self-empowerment coach.
This particular coaching modality engages creative and active imagination energy, combined with a unique dialog process called IN-VIZION® that helps radically shift perspective so that client’s can discover and move through most blocks to success and bring about greater states of balance, grace, joy and self-empowerment.
Master Intuitive Coaches® participated first as coaching clients in order to understand the potential challenges of their own clients, do their own self evaluations, challenge themselves to a greater awareness and gain an understanding of powerful self–expression as part of their training.
Dr. Lesavich also completed three levels of Six Sensory training with Sonia Choquette and received certification as a Six Sensory Teacher. Being a six-sensory means that you process your world with more than the conventional five senses (visual, auditory, touch, taste, smell). Your sixth sense is your gut instinct, your intuitive instinct.  it’s the subtle energetic knowing without ever having any idea why you know it. Six Sensory’s believe that “your sixth sense is your first sense”.  The Six Sensory techniques allow your to follow your highest and most authentic self to live with integrity, personal power, and overall fulfillment.
Stephen writes a regular column for:
Positive Impact Magazine
As an attorney in private pratice and an entreprenuer, Dr. Lesavich founded his own law firm in 2002.

Lesavich High-Tech Law Group, S.C.

He has counseled hundreds of clients to help them overcome their legal programs to assist them in starting and maintaining there businesses and protecting their intellectual property.  He has also worked professionally as a software engineer and as an adjunct professor at several different universities.  Stephen is an experienced business coach.
As an attorney, Dr. Lesavich regularly writes, speaks, and is interviewed about legal topics related to intellectual property and business law. His articles and interviews have appeared internationally in many different print and electronic publications, and he is a frequent guest on the radio.
Dr. Lesavich has served on the Board of Directors for several different for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. He has served a number of terms as a member of the Board of Directors for Willie Dixon’s Blues Heaven Foundation in Chicago. This not-for-profit organization works to preserve the legacy of blues music.
Stephen is an accredited Corporate Speaker (CS) by the International Association of Corporate Speakers (IACS). Dr. Lesavich is a sought-after speaker for lectures and workshops.
Dr. Lesavich was also an athletic coach.  He was an assistant distance coach for cross country and track at a local high school.  He has been certified as a USA Track and Field – Level 1 coach and a National Federation of State High School Associations (NHFS) accredited interscholastic track coach.  He also coached basketball and has a USA Basketball, Gold Coaching License.

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