Stephen Lesavich

3 > 2 Coaching

Our 3 > 2™ coaching techniques are based in part on indentifying and working with your major and minor life arcs.
Your set of life arcs includes “a set of internal and external boundaries for your material, physical, emotional, mental, sexual, spiritual and beliefs.”  Your internal boundaries include “knowing and understanding your responsibilities to yourself and to others.”  Your external boundaries include “rules and principles you live by, including what you will or will not, say, do or allow.”
Your major life arc is an outer boundary that you operate within during your daily life.  Your minor life arcs are a set of behavioral constructs you operate within.
Our 3 > 2™ coaching techniques help you acknowledge and understand the circumstances of the unwanted change, help you gain clarity about your own situation and help you build a new reality with confidence and enthusiasm for yourself in which you thrive.
Our 3 > 2™ coaching techniques also help you evaluate the risk versus reward of choices available to you to manifest change in your life, help you create a long-term vision for your desired changes, help you create a short-term strategy for initiating changes to achieve your long term vision and provide you with support and accountability so you can create the life of your dreams.