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Is Freak Out Stress Good For You?

Most people agree that long term stress is bad for your health.

However, recent studies have shown that “freak out stress” may actually be good for your health!

What is freak out stress?

Freak out stress” is that extreme short term stress associated with a very scary event, such as trying to ride a 60 foot wave, being called upon to try and make the game winning during a time out, meeting your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s parents for the first time, being asked to give a keynote speech in front of a large audience on short notice, asking your boss for a raise, stepping into the cage with current world-champion MMA fighter in your weight class, etc.

In an article for Surfer magazine, Justin Housman suggests something he calls “big wave stress” and I call “freak out stress” supercharges the immune system and improves memory functions in the brain.

Housman cites a study by Firdhaus Dhabhar, a professor of Behavioral Science at Stanford University, that suggests that “freaking out in the face of danger supercharges the immune system, sending beneficial cells to places most likely to be injured, everything from the skin, the lungs, and the gut. Wound healing throughout the body is increased too and memory is improved.”

Are you willing to engage in “freak out stress” to initiate change into your life?

Are you willing to a take a large short term risk to supercharge your body and your brain and help you heal with freak out stress?

Are you willing to use freak out stress to voluntarily create new edges and new boundaries in your life where change can occur?

Some calculated risk that may make you feel alive again, like riding a 60 foot wave?

Surfs up!

 A 3 > 2™ coach can help you find your own “surf board” to take a calculated “freak out stress” risk to initiate change into your life. 

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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